Speakers 2017
Your Summit registration includes admission to all keynote and small-talk sessions. Last year’s summit was a huge success featuring discussions in 6 major aspects of Chna’s New Economy. In Summit 2017, we are bringing the number up to 9.

Qiyue Zhang

Consulate General of the China in New York

Shiyi Pan

Chairman of SOHO China

Jizhong Zhang

Chinese TV Producer

Xin Zhou

Chairman of E-House Holdings

Ning Li

Executive Director of Li Ning Co.

Yiming Zhang

CEO of Toutiao

Tad Smith

CEO of Sotheby's

Jiwu Wang

Board Director of Tuspark Holdings

Kaijing Yan

Chairman of Tasly Pharmaceutical Group

Ying Yu

VP of Poly Real Estate

Jianzhong Fu

Co-founder of GeekHouse Capital

Haiping Hu

Board Director of Shanshan Investment Holding Co Ltd.

Qiang Wang


Chen Xu

Xiaojie Huang

Founding Partner of JD Investment

Pinjue Che

Head of Data Committee of Alibaba

Jian Sun

CEO of HomeInn Hotel Group

Zuyu Ding

CEO of EHouse China

Theresa Tse

chairman of CP Pharmaceutical Group

Lawton R. Burns

Chair of the Health Care Management Department

Bruce Novich

Executive Vice President and General Manager of Cellular Dynamics

Xiaoyu Weng

Deputy Curator of Guggenheim Museum

Xiongwen Lu

Dean of Management of Fudan University

Linda He

President of Wailian Consulting

Zheng Yan

Special Advisor to Columbia University Teacher College

Huining Cao

Chair of Finance Dept. at CKGSB


Speakers Joining Live
In this years summit,Some of our most distinguished guests unfortunately cannot make it to our panels. However, they have agreed to contribute to our conversation through other means, such as livestreaming. We would like to extend our special thanks to them:

Man Chen

Photographer and Visual Artist

Su Mang

CEO of Trends Media Group

Yuzhu Shi

Founder of Giant Interactive Group

Lei Zhang

Founder of Hillhouse Capital Group

Xiaoming Huang


Zetao Ning

World Champion in Swimming