Penn Wharton China Summit 2017
the World to China: Challenges in Supply Side Reform
China to the World: Integration in Globalization Strategy
April 14-16, 2017, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
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Hear from Our Featured Guest Speakers
From top government officials, to policymakers, from industrial leaders, to renowned scholars,
we bring them to you in the same room. Here are some of the speakers from the 2016 summit.
Check back to see who’s coming in 2017. See Guests >

Qiyue Zhang

Consulate General of the China in New York

Shiyi Pan

Chairman of SOHO China

Jizhong Zhang

Chinese TV Producer

Xin Zhou

Chairman of E-House Holdings

Ning Li

Executive Director of Li Ning Co.

Yiming Zhang

CEO of Toutiao

Tad Smith

CEO of Sotheby's

Man Chen

Photographer and Visual Artist

Industrial Leaders
Speakers and Representatives from these companies at Summit 2016

  • Corporations in China
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • 7 Panels
    Corporation & Reform
    Finance and Capital
    Real Estate
    Internet & Technology
    Education and Innovation
    Arts & Culture
    Health and Medicine
  • Internet & Technology
  • Culture & Arts

More Reasons to Come
Get informed and inspired at large forums and small-talk sessions
across eight themes surrounding China’s new economy today. Listen, think and learn.
Mix and match to create a personalized schedule. See Agenda >

Smaller Sessions
This year, we aim to provide our participants with more direct interactions with our guest speakers. Apart from keynote presentations, we hold mini Q&A sessions.

Networking Opportunities
Summit is a great opportunity to meet people. Bring your name card and enjoy chatting with guests, future colleagues and peers.

Recruitment Events
For targeted sponsors, we hold career fair and recruitment sessions. Come and learn about your dream jobs, and speak with HRs at the summit.
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